I found the documentation for the Ikea Tredansen blinds hard to follow if you’re doing anything other than using the remote right out of the box. I wrote this down to help myself and maybe some others going forward.

Before Starting

  • Ensure you have a TRÅDFRI bridge plugged in and the light is on
  • Ensure the blinds are charged and can be manually raised / lowered with the buttons

Factory Reset and Re-Pair

  1. Hold both buttons on the blind for 5 seconds until the white light flashes 4 times (repeat on as many blinds as you need / have)
  2. Using a pin, press and hold the button on the TRÅDFRI repeater for five seconds
  3. Remove the back to the remote and press the pairing button 4 times within 5 seconds, you will see a red light come on
  4. Now to start pairing: Hold the remote next to the TRÅDFRI repeater and hold the button until the light turns off
  5. Quickly press both buttons on the blind you wish to pair to the remote so that the light turns on, hold the remote next to the blind, and hold the button on the remote until the light on the blind and remote both turn off. The blind will move up and down slightly when it’s paired
  6. Repeat the above step for as many blinds as you want paired to one remote


If you’re more of a visual learner, this is a good video walkthrough of the process