Creating an iOS Shortcut for Paperless

Over the past couple of years I’ve slowly been putting all of my paperwork into Paperless (first Paperless-ng and now Paperless-ngx). One of the things I’ve been meaning to do for a while now is create an iOS Shortcut to directly upload a file to Paperless without needing to email it or use the not-so-great mobile web interface. This means I could open a PDF someone sends me in iMessage and upload it straight to Paperless without any intermediary step of saving it to iCloud or emailing it.

Using Events for Holiday or Temporary Automation

One of the big things I do with Home Assistant is call scripts via Google Assistant. We use a “goodnight” routine in Google Home that fires a script in Home Assistant (scripts are surfaced as scenes in Google Home). This runs a bunch of routine actions like turning off a group of lights, arming our alarm, and locking our doors.

Adaptive Lighting Component Scripts

I’m a big fan of the Adaptive Lighting component and have it configured for most rooms in our house. I however find myself tweaking names, adding rooms, removing rooms, etc which meant that all the automation I had for turning on sleep mode and resetting the state (i.e., making sure it’s on) kept getting stale. In came some scripts and templates!