Over the past couple of years I’ve slowly been putting all of my paperwork into Paperless (first Paperless-ng and now Paperless-ngx). One of the things I’ve been meaning to do for a while now is create an iOS Shortcut to directly upload a file to Paperless without needing to email it or use the not-so-great mobile web interface. This means I could open a PDF someone sends me in iMessage and upload it straight to Paperless without any intermediary step of saving it to iCloud or emailing it.

POST to Paperless

I’ll skip to the interesting part, below is a screenshot that shows most of what you need to configure in order to POST directly to Paperless

Screenshot of iOS Shortcuts

You’ll use the “Get contents of” action and the URL will be $yourURL and the API URL is /api/documents/post_document/ (including the trailing slash).

The method is POST and you’ll need to pass an authorization header. In my case I chose to create a token and provide it prefixed with Token.

The key part of the body is to select the form type and provide a document which in my case is Shortcut Input.

If Shortcut Input doesn’t appear as an option hit the little i icon at the bottom of the screen and turn on “Show in Share Sheet” then go back to your shortcut.

In my example you may also notice I provided a few extra form fields which are nicely documented in the API docs. I show a couple of inputs, save the input to a variable, and then pass that variable in here.

Creating an Auth Token

  1. Go to your Paperless instance
  2. Log in as an admin
  3. Go to the admin panel (/admin or scroll down on the left)
  4. Click tokens
  5. Click add token
  6. Select add a user to associate the token to (it may be a good idea to create a non-admin user for this)
  7. Click save
  8. Copy your new token

Using this Shortcut with Cloudflare Access / Tunnels

In my case I needed to solve not only for talking to Paperless, but also authenticating to Cloudflare Zero Trust which was relatively straightforward once I pieced together a few docs. I put together this post on Cloudflare Zero Trust Service Auth for reference.