I didn’t love Cloudflare’s documentation, so here’s a (very) quick guide to using Service Auth on Cloudflare Access. This guide assumes you’ve gone through and set up Cloudflare Zero Trust and have an existing application.

Create a Token

  1. Head to your dashboard
  2. Expand Access > Service Auth
  3. Create a service token by clicking the create service token button and save the generated headers and values in a safe place

Add a Policy

  1. Expand Access > Applications
  2. Click Edit on the application you want to use the service token for
  3. Add a new policy
    • You can’t add a service token to a policy that has users
  4. Give your policy a name, under action select service auth
  5. Add an include rule
    1. Select Service Token and add the token you created above
  6. Save your new policy

Using Tokens

In your request header be sure to include CF-Access-Client-Id and CF-Access-Client-Secret as headers.