Sending ChatGPT Home Assistant State

The default OpenAI / ChatGPT integration prompt only sends the API your Home Assistant instance’s areas and list of devices, but it doesn’t include the state...

Adaptive Lighting Component Scripts

I’m a big fan of the Adaptive Lighting component and have it configured for most rooms in our house. I however find myself tweaking names, adding rooms, remo...

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Creating an iOS Shortcut for Paperless

Over the past couple of years I’ve slowly been putting all of my paperwork into Paperless (first Paperless-ng and now Paperless-ngx). One of the things I’ve ...

How to Use Service Auth on Cloudflare Access

I didn’t love Cloudflare’s documentation, so here’s a (very) quick guide to using Service Auth on Cloudflare Access. This guide assumes you’ve gone through a...

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Pairing Ikea TREDANSEN / FYRTUR Blinds

I found the documentation for the Ikea Tredansen blinds hard to follow if you’re doing anything other than using the remote right out of the box. I wrote thi...

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